My artistic passion began in my prime years when I lived in Yokohama, Japan. It was 1970 and I was two. My interests in Japanese comics and the cartoons was impactful. I was drawn-in by the bold graphics, the drama and use of movement within the stories as well as the art I saw on television. It truly influenced my own illustrative style, I love their techniques to tell a story, some I still use today.

My relocation to Rome, Italy, at age nine also proved to be a fortuitous move for me. I was an artist in the making at that point. I had the unique chance to see the actual pieces I studied in my Art History courses, it gave me a great scope of how art and its history can deeply influence each other. I felt inspired to walk where the greatest artists of our time actually lived, but also to see and feel their inspirations firsthand.

My move to NYC to study design I believe, completed the cycle which I began in 1970. I was finally studying design and conceptual thinking at one of the best art school's in the nation, The School of Visual Arts. I immediately thrived there and connected right away with many of the professors. It was an amazing place to be during that time, you felt like you were at the very center of the art world. New York City and SVA in the late 1980's was the best place for me to be, it taught me a lot about creativity and the design industry. After leaving SVA I stayed in NYC and worked as a freelance artist. It was the fruitful beginnings of my illustrious design & art career.





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